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15+ Years Experience In Solar & Renewable Energy Industry

Insiya Solar Industry, based in Pune, is a prominent player in the solar energy sector in India. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they specialize in offering high-quality solar rooftop solutions, including solar water heaters, solar PV systems, solar street lights, and air cooler solutions. We have established robust distribution chains and reliable retail networks, positioning themselves as a trusted source for solar products.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies underscores Our dedication to providing cutting-edge services to their customers. We offer a diverse range of rooftop solutions, catering to multiple sectors across the country. Our offerings include solar water heaters, solar PV systems, solar street lights.

A significant focus of Insiya Solar Industry is on solar water heater solutions. We understand the importance of saving on electricity bills while also meeting the need for hot water for bathing and cooking. In addition to Our emphasis on product durability and robustness, We provide comprehensive 360° services for various solar-related requirements

Despite having one of the largest product portfolios, Insiya Solar Industry is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and growth. We have positioned themselves as one of the fastest-growing brands in India's solar energy sector, with ambitions to become a leader in global solar rooftop systems.

Innovation is a core aspect of their business philosophy, evident in their consistent pursuit of excellence. They prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to build strong customer trust. Beyond their business endeavors, they also contribute to society by harnessing the potential of non-renewable energy sources, reflecting their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Insiya Solar Industry is a reputable company in Pune, India, known for its top-quality solar rooftop solutions, focus on emerging technologies, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We have extensive product range, dedication to innovation, and emphasis on sustainability make them a noteworthy player in the solar energy sector.

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